Primary School

We endeavor to develop a child’s love for English and aim to equip children with the skills and the confidence they need for reading, writing, speaking and listening. Time is given to helping children understand the relationship between numbers and to understanding the four ‘operations’. We encourage the children to ask, as well as answer, scientific questions.

Pupils learn the basic rules for keeping themselves healthy and safe and for behaving well. The curriculum of ECS Primary School provides training courses in Italian that relate to areas of expertise required by the National Guidelines of 2012 issued by the MIUR.

Both approaches, Italian and English, provide methodologies targeting:

  • establish a classroom climate conducive to social life;
  • Start from the reality of the students, their experiences, their spontaneous language productions;
  • support motivation for reading and writing;
  • respect and value the intelligence, rhythms, personal timing/ personal times, cognitive styles of each student.
  • make students protagonists of their skills, through cooperative approaches;
  • activate forms of knowledge of reality through processes of problematizes areas, representation, systematization.

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